grotta continenza

Trasacco (AQ) - Abruzzo

The Grotta Continenza, under investigation for many years by Renata Grifoni Cremonesi (Pisa University), has provided numerous and important evidence related to the prehistoric settlement in the Fucino from the Upper Paleolithic until Roman times.
There were approximately 350 ornamental items and objects with engravings recovered, together with some “Azilian style” painted pebbles.

Historical framework
Upper Paleolithic

Coinciding with the arrival of the species Homo sapiens in Europe was the most recent phase of the Paleolithic (between 40,000 and 10,000 years ago). Here, we see a break with the previous cultural traditions of the Neanderthals, and the beginning of a series of utilitarian and symbolic practices which developed in the millennia leading up to the arrival of the Neolithic. The presence of strategically located settlements, subsistence practices based on hunting and gathering, the modality of funerary rites and the beginning of the figurative art allow us to follow the transformation of the earliest sapiens cultures.


Final Epigravettian

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